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Working at the intersection of immersive technology (VR, AR, XR) and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Antonia's expertise lies in using the Metaverse for good.

Portfolio Showcase

With expertise in a wide range of cutting-edge technologies, my projects leverage everything from VR to AR, photogrammetry to LiDAR, hand-tracking to full-body tracking, biometrics to haptics, and many other tools.
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My Journey

"When I came out as LGBTQ+, I was cut off. I taught myself to code, and pivoted from penguins to planetariums, to immersive technology..."
My career began as a science communicator. For ten years, I worked as a science presenter in zoos, festivals museums and planetariums; developing world-class speaking skills. One day, I received a call that would change the rest of my life.

I was invited to speak at TEDxBristol - the biggest TEDx event in Europe, and one of the biggest in the world, with a live audience of 2000 people. I spoke about LGBTQ+ behaviour in the Animal Kingdom and how queer behaviour is evidently "natural" - despite claims to the contrary. This subject was close to my heart as a zoologist, and as an LGBTQ+ person.

However, I had never before disclosed my identity to my family.

When I came out as LGBTQ+, I was met with insults, threats, blackmail and bribery. I was offered ongoing support only if I cancelled my TEDx talk and kept my orientation hidden - permanently.

I delivered the talk  despite the threats and, as promised, I was cut off - emotionally, verbally, and financially. I needed to forge a new career path. So I taught myself to code; pivoting from penguins, to planetariums, to immersive technology. I taught myself Unity and C# using free resources. I had no previous experience - but learning was a matter of survival.

I gravitated to virtual reality (VR) because I loved the idea of building my own worlds, where I had autonomy and control to be my authentic self - unlike my experience in the real world.

Six months later, I landed my first professional role as a VR developer. A year later, and I began working for Unity - the creators of the software I had taught myself to use. Now, I use my expertise in communication and immersive technology to give back to marginalised communities.

As a DE&I consultant, I help technology companies to build inclusive workplaces. As a keynote speaker, I share my story to encourage other marginalised folks to overcome their fears and move into tech. As an XR developer, I create immersive experiences with positive impact - like the world's first LGBTQ+ VR Museum. 

In all these roles - I use virtual worlds to change the real world for the better.

My Happy Clients

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My Skills

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Antonia Forster

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