Antonia Forster
Award-Winning Speaker,
XR Developer and
LGBTQ+ Advocate

Antonia is a Senior XR Technical Specialist at Unity, with a decade of experience in public speaking.

As a self-taught software developer with an unconventional career path – from zoos, to planetariums, to virtual reality – Antonia has deep expertise in immersive technology (VR, AR, MR/XR, and hand-tracking). She is also Co-Chair of the VR/AR Association Women’s Committee; a TEDx speaker and mentor; and an award-winning advocate for women, LGBTQ+ people, and marginalised voices in tech. 

Her record-breaking TEDxBristol talk was delivered to a live audience of 2,000 people, and has since gained over 125,000 views online.

Antonia has been shortlisted for Nature’s John Maddox Prize, the Women in IT “Advocate of the Year” award, and won the YTKO Breaking Barriers award for her efforts in LGBTQ+ advocacy, including her work as Director and Producer of the world’s first LGBTQ+ VR museum.



A picture of a green-haired woman giving a TEDx talk on a stage, in front of a large audience

Keynote Presentations

Antonia is an experienced and inspirational public speaker, with expertise on equality & diversity in STEM. She travels worldwide to deliver inspirational talks to businesses, conferences, and organisations seeking to create a gender-inclusive work environment.

Diversity & Equality Consultation

For business looking to diversify their workforce in the long-term, consultation is available. You will receive expert, evidence-backed advice on how to avoid bias and implement gender-inclusive hiring practices, language, conference conduct, and more.


As a self-taught developer in a Senior Software Engineer position, Antonia has learned to navigate the world of professional XR development. Antonia offers her services as a mentor and professional coach on a freelance basis, with discounted fees for those in under-represented or marginalised communities.

Customer Testimonials

Devon Conradson
Student Liaison Officer,
stanford University

Antonia‚Äôs recent presentation at Stanford’s STEM Symposium demonstrated not only her vast expertise in her field, but also her steadfast commitment to advocacy. She spoke about her personal experience of prejudice, as well as the evidence provided by national and international studies.

Her talk was engaging, inspirational, informative, and vital for anyone seeking to improve inclusion in STEM.

Sean Slater 
fringe coordinator,
edinburgh skeptics

Antonia’s talk was informative and very interesting, and well received by an enthusiastic audience. Afterwards, she lead an engaging Q&A discussion on some potentially charged subjects, promoting understanding and open-mindedness on all fronts.

Antonia is an excellent, inspirational speaker, and one we would wholeheartedly recommend.

mark myers
founding consultant,
ldc via,

We were seeking a speaker with expertise on diversity and inclusion in tech, to deliver a keynote at our annual conference. Antonia consulted with us, and delivered a custom talk, touching on our business’s specific strengths and weaknesses. It is now clear to everyone how we can diversify our workforce, and the benefits of doing so.

Antonia’s presentation had a huge organisational impact, for which I am very grateful.